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Daily Lunch from 11.00 – 17.00 hours

Italian tomato soup with pesto and cream 6,00
Soto Ayam Indonesian chicken soup with bean sprouts, lemon grass, ginger, onions and fried egg6,00
Bouillasebaise rich fish soup with rouille7,50
Soup of the week ask our staff !6,00

Rolls and sandwiches

Choose from a white Italian roll of wheat bread called Waldkorn
Cheese (young or old) or ham6,50
Carpaccio pecorino cheese, pesto and pine nuts 8,00
Smoked chicken with guacamole  7,00
Smoked salmon and crème fraîche 7,50
Homemade tuna salade 7,00


Choose from white Italian roll or wheat bread called Waldkorn

Fidelio ham, cheese, tomato and onion7,00
Caprese mozzarella, tomato and pesto 7,25
Parma ham with mozzarella, tomaat and pesto 7,25
Goat cheese with honey and pine nuts  7,25
Pastrami with mushrooms and mustard 7,50
Chicken Méditerranée marinated fried chicken with tzatziki  8,00
Tuna melt homemade tuna salad with melted cheese 7,50


2 veal croquettes with white or wheat bread 9,50
Fried eggs with cheese and or ham9,50
Omelet with cheese and or ham 10,00
Farmers omelet with ham and cheese 11,00
Clubsandwich chicken, bacon, egg, tomato and chips11,50
Clubsalmonsandwich with dill lemon mayonaise and chips  14,50
Smoked eel with toast, butter and lemon9,50
Homemade salmon burger with chips   11,50
Black Angus burger with fried onions, bacon and chips12,50
Chicken with satay sauce with bread or chips  14,00
Tournedos Fidelio with salade and chips24,50
Weekspecial pasta fish or meat 13,50
Tosti with ham or cheese    4,50
Tosti with cheese and tomato 4,50
Tosti with mozzarella, tomaat and pesto  5,50


Salade Niçoise with homemade tunasalade, anchovy and egg  13,50
Salade Fidelio with smoked chicken, avocado and bacon   14,00
Salade smoked salmon with horseradish and creme fraiche 14,50
Salade warm goat cheese with honey and pine nuts14,00
Salade crayfish, seared scallops and prawns in red pepper-garlic oil18,50


Applepie    4,50
Chocolate truffle cake from Arnold Cornelis   4,50
Homemade lemon pie5,00
Children’s ice cream two scoops of vanilla ice cream 3,50

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